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Pros and Cons of Devices in the Classroom

Devices can help students tackle daily routines in a more efficient way in a classroom. However, because all products have apps that are distractions, teachers must set strict rules whenever…


Why It’s Important to Recycle Old Electronics

As you walk around your home, you probably see some sort of electronic device in every room. They are an essential part of your life. As time goes by, each…

Guide, Laptops, Tech

How To Protect Your Laptop From Hackers and Identity Thieves

Hacking and identity theft are both on the rise with the advent of social media and the popularity of mobile smartphones. When you are browsing using your laptop PC, it…

Apple, Guide, Laptops, Tech

Saving Your MacBook Pro: 3 Steps to Replace An Old Battery

The world of Apple continues to astonish with bold technological creations that innovate communication, information, and entertainment. The MacBook Pro’s introduction in January of 2006 was the very first generation…

Android, Gadgets, Guide, Phones

How to Spot Cheap Copycat Tech Brands Online

Buying a product online comes with a risk not associated with buying from traditional stores, how can you be sure you’re getting an authentic product? Here are a few quick…

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Finding the Best AirPod Clones

For those who love the quality and convenience of AirPod earbuds, you sure have to pay a lot for it. Instead of emptying your wallet for the expensive earbuds, you…