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Is Learning Technology the Answer to Fixing Education?

When it comes to solving the problems that affect the education world today, educational technology, or edtech, shows a great deal of promise. Edtech not only refers to the technologies…


How to Write Google Reviews That People Will Actually Read

Google reviews are instrumental in helping the community assess a service or in giving valuable feedback to a business. Neither of these benefits can happen if nobody actually reads your…


4 Software Solutions to Make Lenders’ Lives Less Laborious

To decide if you are worthy of a loan, lenders have to take into account a number of factors about you. They look at your income, employment history, and stability….


How Technology Aids in Business Evaluation

When a business owner is looking to cash out of their company, the obvious and most pressing question is what the business is worth. The entrepreneur does not have to…


Why Computers Are So Important to Manufacturing

Computers are important in most fields, but they’re essential in manufacturing. Imagining the modern manufacturing business without computers is akin to imagining the modern transportation industry without cars. Computers used…


4 Neat Ways Technology Has Improved Marketing

Technology has improved product launches and marketing in many really cool ways. It’s led to new phrases such as “digital marketing” and “content marketing”. Marketing physical goods has become significantly…