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Should You Add More of Your Business to the Cloud?

With all the different advances in technology, your personal life is made easier, but so is your business. One technological advancement that many businesses are starting to adopt is the…


New Cellphone Models: Just Marketing or Real Advances?

Cell phones have quickly moved from a convenience to a must-have item, and many homes no longer have a landline phone. To keep up with your job, you may need…


Smart Tech and Outdoor Events: What to Know

When you’re hosting an outdoor event, you want to provide the best experience for your guests as possible. Whether you’re organizing a networking gala or showing a movie in the…


What’s the Latest News on Green Energy?

Thomas Freedman receives credit for creating the term “Green New Deal,” and in the last 12 years, a lot has changed. While the United States, under Barack Obama, initially supported…

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How Technology Is Advancing Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology and our understanding of the sources of hearing loss continue to expand year by year. In addition to longer-lasting batteries, smaller hearing aid construction, and the ability…

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How Technology Is Totally Changing Farms

Tech is playing an increasingly larger role in farming and agriculture these days. In what can be referred to as smart farming technology which involves IT and communications attributes, such…