Running an e-commerce business comes with its own set of unique challenges. However, there are multiple kinds of technology that can help you not only streamline your business but also increase your chances of success. These are three technologies that can help your own e-commerce succeed in a fast-paced, digital world. 

Address Verification

One technology that is helping e-commerce businesses is address verification. When your entire business model is shaped by mailing out goods, you better be sure that you’re mailing those products to the right place. However, sometimes customers don’t input their addresses correctly or leave out important address information. Address verification technology will automatically check addresses to make sure mail can be delivered to them. For addresses in the US, most address validation uses CASS metadata to ensure standardization of delivery. Address verification also makes sure that your international shipping goes smoothly.

Live Chat

Another great technology for e-commerce success is the live chat. Unlike email or social media messaging, a live chat can instantly answer any questions or concerns your customers have about your products or website. A live chat can either be a real person answering questions or can be chatbox technology. A live chat can easily be installed on your website. Live chat can even go beyond just communicating with customers as many software options can collect consumer information, send automated messages, and even help you generate sales.

Checkout and Payment Ease

The one thing that can prevent your e-commerce business from succeeding is a clunky, hard-to-use checkout process. One of the biggest reasons that you lose sales is because potential customers will abandon their carts if the process isn’t smooth or if you don’t have a variety of payment options. Payment technologies, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, and Afterpay, give your customers multiple avenues of payment and a speedy checkout process. Your checkout process should also allow your customers to save their addresses and payment information. A single-page checkout that doesn’t force your customer to click through multiple pages is ideal as well.

If you’ve been running into problems with e-commerce business or if you haven’t been securing sales, then it’s time to take a look out the different kinds of technology that can improve your business. By investing in technologies such as address verification, live chat, and easy checkout processes, you will increase your chance of business success.