While many fitness gurus have a dedicated gym in their home or head to a nearby fitness facility on a regular basis, others are always on the go. They may be in Seattle today, Orlando tomorrow and Paris the next day. Yet, they are always looking for ways to stay fit while being tempted by outstanding food or fattening selections from airport cafeterias. It takes a special type of dedication to stay fit when you are always on the go, but there are some fitness gadgets that you will want to pack along when you hit the open highways.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Get off the well-beaten path and explore mountain trails on an electric mountain bike. These bikes are great for riding up and down steep hills that very few ever take the time to explore. Cabo Adventures explains that electric mountain bikes are ideal for those who want to get out and enjoy challenging mountain trails but may need a little hill up some of the steeper portions. You can opt to engage the electric motor mounted on these bikes when the going gets a little too tough for you while enjoying the fresh mountain air and plenty of great exercise while pedaling on the easier parts.

Underwater MP3 Player

If you love to go swimming, then do not get stuck listening to boring pool music. Instead, choose an underwater MP3 player. YourSwimBook suggests to securely attach it to the strap on your goggles and place the bud near your cheekbone allowing you to hear underwater. You can even choose to create a workout by swimming in time to the music. Most of these MP3 players hold several hours of your favorite playlist, so you may even find yourself enjoying it when you are not in the pool.

Treadmill Desk

If you often find yourself running or walking on a treadmill somewhere in the world, then a treadmill desk may be the perfect fitness gadget for you. This desk fits on top of a treadmill allowing you to fill out all your reports while getting your exercise at the same time. While you are impressing your boss by getting your reports filed on time, you will also be walking your 10,000 steps needed daily to boost your immune system helping to prevent many types of diseases.

Robot Exercise Instructor

If you need someone to tell you what to do when you are exercising, but you cannot afford a personal trainer to fly around the world with you, then you need a robot exercise instructor. Inverse talks about how this small robot that can easily fit in your suitcase seems to take great joy in telling you what exercises to do next.

There are many fitness gadgets that you can enjoy at home and away. Get these and you will never get bored with your exercise routine. Just make sure to keep an eye out for cheap copycats.