Sales teams have evolved far beyond the days of door-to-door salesmen hawking their wares. Technology has facilitated the arrival of a new era in sales in which technological advances complement the sales’ teams knowhow and human capital. Here are some technologies that better enable sales professionals to perform their duties and increase their profits.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence saves salespeople from getting bogged down in the mundane tasks associated with sales. For example, artificial intelligence can create a contact database of potential clients and analyze the collected information to notify salespeople about relevant trends. Artificial intelligence can recommend appropriate sales strategies and courses of action based on the available data, which gives salespeople more time and flexibility to pursue the AI strategies while devising plans of their own.

Analytics and Tracking

Analytics and tracking can prime your sales team for success. By carefully configuring your analytics software, you can measure how well your content is performing and how well your sales team is utilizing it. Tracking software gives business owners a broad picture of sales results while providing information about individual sales team members, so management can determine whether each sales associate is meeting performance standards.

Cloud Computing

Some businesses are anxious about using cloud computing for sales and business transactions. The reality is that the virtual hard drive created through the cloud can actually be more secure when monitored and protected by third-party experts, even if in-house IT is no longer responsible for the company’s data. Cloud computing promotes cooperation and information sharing between members of the sales team. It also lends itself to the scalability of sale operations and fiscal and environmental efficiency.


When the sales team is forced to spend its valuable time on administrative duties, the opportunity cost is the time that could have been spent selling merchandise and concluding deals with clients. Instead, automation can send out emails and voicemails on behalf of the sales team. Even basic inquiries can be answered by automated replies from a menu of relevant answers on the phone and live chat interfaces.

Businesses should take advantage of the available technology to revolutionize its sales strategy. Sales employees will be eager to devote more of their time to actual sales instead of tasks that can be more effectively performed by artificial intelligence and automation. When sales professionals become empowered, the business benefits as it sees profits soar.