In this modern world we live in, we are constantly in danger of scams and fraud. And while the rise of technology is also leading to a rise in scams, it can also provide the protection and rescue from them. Here are 4 ways that technology can protect you from scams.

Online Reviews

The invention of online reviews has given the power back to us. If online reviews are properly used, then no scammer should be able to strike twice, and will hopefully be immediately shown to the world to be the fraud they are. According to Do Hard Money, you should always search for reviews of lenders and investment professionals. If there are red flags in the reviews, reconsider using them. You also need to be aware of fake reviews, which scammers will use to try and make themselves seem respectable. One giveaway is when there are lots of bad reviews calling them scammers next to random 5-star reviews.

Antivirus Software

Being online means putting yourself at risk, but using anti-virus software can protect you. If you are on dangerous websites, you will be alerted, and if a virus infects your computer to steal personal information, the software will find it, stop it, and alert you to the source of the scammer. Any computer should have good antivirus software on it.

Secure Login

Your online security is entirely dependent on how secure your login is. If it is easy to crack, then a scammer can hack into your accounts and commit theft or fraud at the click of a button. According to BreachAlarm, password hacking compromised over 150 million accounts within the past year. Using secure logins and ensuring any passwords you have are varied, intricate, and impossible to guess is the way to safeguard yourself.


A VPN, or virtual private network, is used to hide your IP address from other people or companies by changing it to a secure server. If a scammer looks at your network, normally they will be able to see where you are exactly and use this information to target you specifically and effectively. If you use a VPN, scammers will not be able to work out where you are or live to use that against you.

There are plenty of scams out there, but there are just as many technologies out there to stop them now, too. When living in a technological world, using these tools can help you to stay safe from scams.