Home security is advancing every day and there are constantly new innovations being made. The invention of smart home security allows you to link it all to your smartphone. This feature is making homes all over the world more secure. Here are five home security features that you can monitor from your cell phone.

Safety Locks

Safety locks are understandably one of the most popular smart home security technologies. This feature allows you to control the locks to your home from your phone, no matter where you are. What this means is that if you are in bed for the night and realize you forgot to lock the back door there is no need to get back up. Instead you can open the app on your phone and lock the door remotely and even use this app to make sure you haven’t forgotten to lock any other doors as well. This is also helpful if you are at work or at a friend’s house and you realize you forgot to lock your door. These locks can also be opened remotely, so if someone gets locked out while you’re away from home you will be able to open the door for them with your phone.

Wireless Cameras

Having cameras set up in your home is one of the best forms of security you can have. Now it is even easier with the progression of smart technology since you can monitor the camera feeds and see what is happening wherever you are and whenever you want. Safety.com reports that a wireless video camera provides 2-way audio communication through an app that you have on your phone. This means if you see someone hanging around getting too close you can ask them what they are doing or ask them to leave. Since these cameras are connected to your phone, you can monitor them from anywhere and view what is happening at home from miles away.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors have always been a must-have for any safe home and now they can add even more security and peace of mind. Having a smart smoke detector connected to your phone means you can know your house is safe and check for any possible dangers at any time. If there is any threat of fire in your home an alert will be sent directly to your phone, so you are aware of the danger immediately. You even have the option to have an alert sent to emergency services automatically if a fire is detected. Nest points out that smart smoke detectors do more than just monitor smoke — they can also help you monitor carbon monoxide levels through your phone. A raised level will give you an alert anywhere, so even if you are not at home you will be able to keep your family safe.

Lighting Systems

With the advancement of smart technology, you are now able to monitor and control your lights at home. Through your phone you will be able to check to see if any lights are on or off and you will be able to remotely switch them on or off as you need. This will save you time and effort on going around the house and turning off every light at night, and it will also save you money and energy from forgetting to switch the lights off. LED Hut reports that this feature can also improve your security in your home. By having control of your lights through your phone you can turn them on or put them on a timer at any point to give the illusion you are at home when away or on vacation.

Smart Doorbells

With the use of a camera, microphone, and speaker your doorbell can revolutionize the entrance to your home. Through your phone you will get a video call anytime someone rings your doorbell, and you will be able to see and talk to the visitor before deciding on if they should be allowed into your home. This means wherever you are you can let family, service personnel, or delivery people in to your home as needed. It also means you can ensure everyone is screened before entering your home.

Smart home security can change your life in many ways and being able to monitor and use it through your phone will add convenience, comfort, and safety to your home. When you automate your home, you will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind than you thought possible.