Homeowners want to make sure that a security system works before paying for the system itself, any installation, and monthly subscriptions. High-tech security systems are easier to manage and more effective than their low-tech counterparts.

Purpose of Security Systems

Almost all security systems function to deter criminals, much like a scarecrow. Although burglars will rarely target a home or business with an alarm system, it’s not enough to have a basic system in place.

The right security plans still depend on people. While you might expect more from a security system than ever before, it’s important to remember that you, and potentially a security team, are in control. A security system should:

  • Detect and alert the owners of intrusion
  • Detect smoke and fire
  • Protect against property damage
  • Protect against theft
  • Offer a higher level of personal protection
  • Assist the police in a robbery, home invasion, and assault cases
  • Feature wireless control or a security team

High-Tech Functions

Looking past the basics of unauthorized opening of windows and doors, high-tech security systems can offer motion recording and more.

Some high-tech systems may opt for silent alarms or immediately dial the police when they detect intrusion. Many high-tech systems employ the use of cameras in the hopes of filming any crime that takes place on the property.

Most business owners find that they can substantially benefit from the use of a high-tech security system rather than an alternative. Unlike basic security systems, these advanced versions allow the business or homeowner to provide the police with footage, timestamps, and more to aid in any possible investigation.

Then, when it comes to reporting the claim to your insurance company, high-tech systems can offer a lot more information than a relative intrusion time. It’s the only proactive approach available.

Differences Between Security System and Security Camera

A basic security system would only detect forced entry when the alarm is set. Many people see security cameras as a mid-point between a full security system and a basic system.

You can connect security cameras to your Wi-Fi for remote monitoring; however, these don’t offer any of the functions of a security system. The cameras will not alert you of intrusion, smoke, fire, or property damage.

A security system should do all of those things. Security cameras are a useful supplement to a security system but not a replacement for one.

Any home or business could greatly benefit from the use of a security system, and a high-tech security system takes that security to another level. High-tech security systems are effective, and they have proven to offer faster detection of intrusion, alert the police immediately, and record the crime with the use of cameras.