What is this gaming phenomenon that is sweeping around the world and can be found on a multitude of gaming platforms? Fornite Battle Royale, which first launched in 2017 but did not really become super popular until 2018, is a multi-player action game where players compete against others either solo or in a team and fight for survival. The last player alive, or team for that matter, wins. Fortnite players encompass a wide range of age groups from youth to adults. It is popular all over the world, and famous celebrities and sports superstars have even gotten hooked on this action-packed game. Best of all, for the most part, this game is free to play with the exception of Battle Passes, V-bucks and other goodies that enhance your gaming experience.

What Platforms Can Fortnite be Found?

  • Android
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Microsoft Windows
  • iOS
  • Mac Operating Systems

As you can see, gaining access to Fortnite Battle Royal is extremely easy as it’s not limited to any single type of gaming platform. This move by its creator has really done well for the popularity of the game.

Playing Tips for Beginners


Tip #1 – Building Basics

Fortnite building materials

Players have the ability to build forts and barriers that can help them survive a battle. Is this completely foolproof? No. However, if you become skilled at building and have the ability to quickly throw some walls up around you if you start taking on fire then your chances of not dying will greatly increase.What is needed in order to build?

  • wood
  • brick
  • steel

Where do you find these materials? Building materials can be found either laying around on your map or even in treasure chests. You can also find them laying where other players have died, but the most accessible way to find these materials will be to use your pickax and chop down trees, demolish buildings and almost anything else around you. Be sure to aim for the blue marker on your screen when trying to destroy things for materials. This will boost your ability to do damage. Remember, trying to perfect your building skills will be tricky at first, and you will most likely die…a lot!

Tip #2 – Weapon Colors and Types

Most things you will find laying around the ground that are usable will glow in different colors. This especially applies to weapons. The color a weapon glows will determine whether or not it is worth the risk of trying to get it. Afterall, it’s possible you could be sniped or ambushed when you are trying to pick up a weapon. What do the different weapon colors mean?

  • Grey – common
  • Green – uncommon
  • Blue – rare
  • Purple – epic
  • Orange – legendary

Within these color ranges, you will find weapons of all sorts such as pistols, assault rifles, rocket launchers, grenades and many other weapon types. All of these weapons will vary when it comes to how much ammo they will hold, their damage rates and even reload speeds. The rarer a weapon is, such as the orange legendary weapons, the better they will perform for you.


Tip #3 – Defenses and Healing

Fortnite potions and healing bandages

Players will have both health points as well as shield points to keep an eye on. These vital point systems do not automatically regenerate. Shield potions, as well as bandages or med packs, are essential for survival. Here is a list of important goodies that will help you on your way to victory.

  • Small Shield Potions – replenish 25 shield points
  • Regular Shield Potions – replenish 50 shield points
  • Bandages – replenish 15 health points
  • Slurp Juice – replenishes 25 shield and health points
  • Chug Jug – fills your health and shield points completely


Tip #4 – Things to Remember

  • Falling can kill you.
  • Watch out for spike strip traps placed by other players.
  • Beware the storm! Staying inside the safe zone helps save you from the storm but puts you in danger from other players.
  • Any action will create noise which will attract enemies.

Fortnite storm

Tip #5 – Seasons

Seasons are broken up into roughly 2 month periods. Each season brings with it a new theme, more gear and cool game accessories and the challenge of having players tier up all over again. Good news is anything obtained from previous seasons such as skins, load screens, graffiti paint, etc you get to keep with you.