Tracking your fitness is critical if you’re trying to get in at least 10,000 steps a day or considering a new workout program. Check with your doctor to make sure that your new fitness goals are right for you. Once you have a plan in place, you’ll need to determine the best tracking device for your needs. Technology is changing the fitness world, but are they really accurate? Here are some things you should know about fitness technology before making a purchase.

Smart Watches

Your smartwatch can be used to get a good idea of the amount of moving you do all day and any changes to your pulse or blood pressure. It’s important to note that these devices can miss small movements while you’re walking or even be impacted by a bumpy car ride. Be sure to load your information into the program as accurately as possible for the tool to put the algorithms to work and come up with your daily number of steps, heart rate or blood pressure.

More In-Depth Review

If you’re satisfied with the step counter but want more data, consider investing in a Galvanic skin response sensor. This tool will measure if you work up a sweat or experience an elevated body temperature from exercise.

Determine Your Fitness Needs

Every workout should have a goal. Even if starting out you’re only working out enough to break a sweat, this new habit can add a lot to your energy level and help you build up your muscle mass. Other goals may just be to walk for an hour while you work through challenges keeping you from your goal. Be sure to contact your physician about any fitness goals you’re attempting to meet and any guidance they can give you to ramp up your workouts safely and effectively. Measure where you started in comparison to your current state of health. Experts recommend you obtain a second opinion on your health.

Routine Is Key

No matter your fitness goals, it’s critically important that you remember to build a routine of regular exercise before you try to build up to a higher level of fitness. In addition to apps that track your movement and perspiration, you can invest in apps that let you track your workouts and journal about your experience.

An exercise program has to be a habit to be successful and healthy. For many, a tracking app is a great start to let you monitor your progress. In addition, a journaling app can help you to jot down your experiences in just a few minutes after every workout so that you know where you’ve come from and where you’re headed.