More and more pet owners are affording their pets the opportunity to enjoy the many recent advancements in the world of technology. After all, why should humans be the only ones to enjoy things like a video conference with their loved ones? With each passing year, there seem to be more and more new pet tech gadgets for your dog to enjoy. Here are some of the coolest.

Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

It is likely you saw your dog at a breeder or other seller and found the canine irresistible. Some cute dogs require a little more effort to potty train than others. It’s important to interview your dog breeder and find out how much potty training has already been done.

If your dog is one that struggles with this issue, the work of famed Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov may help your situation. Pavlov gained fame for his work demonstrating that dogs could be trained to salivate when a bell rang. The concept behind the Pavlovian puppy potty trainer is similar in that your pet will be rewarded each time for urinating on the mat. A sensor in the mat will alert when your pet has completed his or her business. Then, a chime will sound and a treat will be dispensed to the pet. Most pets get the message in just a few days.

Petnet Smart Feeder

The Petnet Smart Feeder will give you the ability to control the time your pet is fed and the amount of food dispensed to the dog from a remote location. The feeder is controlled by your smartphone, and you have the option of integrating a camera so that you can see what is going on with your dog’s feeding. You can also use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa if you like the idea of giving instructions to your digital assistant when it is time to feed your pet.

iFetch Ball Launcher

The iFetch Ball Launcher allows you to play fetch with your dog without having to exert yourself. The iFetch machine tosses a ball anywhere from 10 feet to 30 feet for your dog to fetch. When the dog returns with the ball and places it inside the top of the machine, the iFetch ball launcher tosses the ball again. The top of the device is tilted in the opposite direction from the launching hole so that your dog will be encouraged to stand behind the machine when the ball is launched. A manual also comes with the iFetch Ball Launcher to explain other safety precautions you should take with the machine.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The fountain is perfect for pets of all sizes and can hold up to 168 ounces of water. The water in Platinum Pet Fountain flows constantly and is oxygen aerated. A filter prevents water from becoming stale or developing a bad odor. The receiving ramp built into the fountain prevents splashing, and controls are available that allow you to control how much water is provided to your pet.

The Whistle

No dog or pet owner wants to consider the possibility of a pet going missing. However, this possibility is realistic, and precautions should be taken. The Whistle acts as both an activity tracker and a GPS system. It allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your pet at all times. The device weighs only one ounce and can be attached straight to the collar of your pet. You can connect with a mobile app to monitor your pet from remote locations. You can also designate safe zones for your pet and receive a notification from The Whistle when your pet has left the safe zone.


As a pet owner, it is likely you miss your beloved family member when you have to leave him or her at home alone. You might even feel a little bad about the situation. Petchatz is a device that allows you to establish video communication with your pet from any location. The PetChatz app can be downloaded to a tablet or phone, and you can open the app in silent mode and observe what your pet is doing. When you want more interaction with your pet, press chat on the display and a ringer will call for your pet. One great benefit of using the PetChatz device over a smart home camera system  to monitor your dog is that you can chat with your pet and instruct the device to give him or her a treat.


AquaPaw acts as both a scrubber and sprayer that is attached to your arm. The device can be turned off and on by a mere squeeze of the hand. This gives you complete control of the flow of water. Outside you can use the AquaPaw with a water hose. When inside your home, it can be attached to a showerhead.

Modern technology has changed the world for both pets and their owners. The seven pet gadgets above are some of the best gadgets available to you and your dog. With these gadgets, your dog is sure to be the happiest dog on the block.