If you’re about to start college or have just started it, the odds are that you’re excited and maybe a little nervous too. Whether you’re staying at home or living on campus in a dorm, a must-have on your list of things you need to get to kick off your college career is a laptop computer. Here are a few of the many advantages of having your own laptop while you’re in school.

You Can Do Assignments Anytime, Anywhere

If you have a laptop, you can do your homework anywhere and at any time of the day. Having a laptop makes doing homework easier. You may live on campus and go home on weekends. There are no worries about quickly finishing an assignment before you leave or upon your return. Bring your laptop, and finish that paper at home. You can take your laptop with you wherever you go. If you have a job, your laptop can be there with you to complete a paper on your lunch break. Having a laptop can give you the freedom to do your assignments anywhere you want without being tethered to a desktop computer. No matter where you are, having your own laptop on hand enables you to access your university’s LMS so you can easily access lessons, assignments, and other content posted by your professor. Having a laptop means taking your campus with you.

Tech Required

For certain classes, a laptop is essential. It is a growing trend for professors to have web-based only assignments. If a student doesn’t have a laptop, this creates an issue for them needing to either spend long hours in the library or borrow someone’s laptop when possible. This could be incredibly inconvenient, especially if none of your friends have a laptop you can borrow or if all the library’s computers are occupied. Additionally, there are textbooks that are strictly virtual now. The student buys the key code to access the textbook rather than buying the textbook. This is controversial because the price of the keycode doesn’t save much more money for the student than buying the book.

Note Taking Made Easy

Depending on your typing speed, you may be able to transcribe your instructor’s lecture word for word. Some typists are a bit slower and unable to keep up, and likewise, some professors are incredibly speedy when they give their lectures. They pack a lot of information into a short period of time. This is where the laptop microphone comes in handy. Students can use the microphone to create an audio file of the entire lecture, enabling them to go back and see if they missed any fine points in their notetaking. Once outside of the class, rather than erasing on paper or rewriting all of the notes, a laptop gives the student the freedom to cut and paste, color code, and format their notes when there is no time constraint upon them.


A good quality laptop will remain faithful to you if you treat it well. Take care of your laptop, and it will be good for you. Perform scheduled maintenance tasks on your laptop and if it’s exhibiting signs of problems, take it to a professional in computer repair. You can find a computer to sync well with your educational program. If you are going into a program involving gaming, be sure you get a laptop that will be the right speed for you when you are in your more advanced classes. If you are in art, be sure you get a laptop that you can detach the screen and draw directly onto your system. Overall, just make sure that you have a laptop that can fit your needs as you go through the various classes in your program.

Face-to-Face Video 

Most laptops come with a built-in webcam, and that webcam will come in handy. You may use it simply to talk to friends or family while you’re sitting at your desk doing homework or organizing your day, or you may need to use it for a group video chat for a project. You may need to be on the giving or receiving end of a tutoring session. Maybe you’ll be in class, where your phone is not allowed to be visible, but you remember that you needed to tell someone something. Your laptop will be handier than ever to pop off an email and get the job done when your phone could not.

No matter your age, if you’re fresh to college or returning, a laptop is going to be more of a necessity than a luxury. You will find that it is a definite must and well-worth every penny spent. As stated, if you treat your laptop right your laptop will treat you right too.