Gone are the days when the commonplace to connect and make friends was in school and church. Today you can make friends from the comfort of your home, and chances are you’ll never meet them, thanks to the power of social media. Assume you found a potential partner on one of the platforms, how are you ever going to verify their identity or at least tell if they’re not robots? If you’re not sure how to go about it, here are some tips to help.

Meet in Person

Perhaps you’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching about your potential partner, but you still can’t trust them. Maybe you feel strongly that something is amiss and you can’t find any other way to know them better. If you’re so anxious and butterflies are over your stomach, then it’s time you arranged to meet up with them in person. Face to face meetings can help solve the puzzle. You’ll have a chance to see how your potential partner looks, talks, and even behaves. From there, you’ll both decide on the next course of action.

Do an Image Search

Another way you can verify the identity of your potential partner, apart from Google name search, is performing an image search. This method is quite simple and you don’t need to open one page after the other. Instead, visit the Google image website and enter their name and any additional related information you may be having like their town. Then move down to the bottom of the page and conduct a quick search for their image. There are high chances you’ll come across the person’s profile picture for their social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Check Their Internet Footprint

Whenever people make an online presence, they leave trackable footprints online. You can use the information to verify the person’s identity by checking on their internet footprints. Check on their online history like the kind of tweets and comments they make on social media, and the websites they visit. You can also check on their Skype calls and emails. Remember, utilizing a system for email lookup can show somebody’s internet footprint.

Perform Background Check on Their Social Media Pages

Some people can have very little information online. Once you find their online footprints, move straight to their social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the others. Check on the person’s friends and scrutinize their photos. Here, you can also get details about their schooling history and their current job. Checking all this information is a great way to verify your potential online partner. However, make sure you do not get too carried away. Find enough information that verifies their identity but then stop before your habits turn creepy. It’ll be much better to get to know them naturally, in-person!

Social media can be an excellent way to develop valuable connections. However, it is not easy to tell whose intentions are good. If you’ve got your potential partner on social media, ensure you don’t make hurried decisions. Use the above tips to verify the identity of your prospective partner and most importantly, follow your gut.