At the close of every school year, there are literally millions of graduating seniors and parents who are racking their brains trying to figure out the best way to pay for college. The cost of a university education is very expensive, and it continues to go up each year. There are many individuals who don’t want either themselves or their kids to be saddled with a huge student loan debt just because they want to go to school. Thus, the dominant question is, how do you pay for college without racking up a huge student loan bill? Well, there are actually many ways to do it. If you think the student has the aptitude for it, then one way to pay for college very effectively would be through joining the military. Here are some reasons why the military can fully equip you for college:

Military Tuition Assistance

It doesn’t matter what branch of the military you join, because they each have their own form of tuition assistance. In the Marines, Army and Air Force, there is a provision where they will offer as high as $4,500 per fiscal year and the Navy will offer as high as $250 per semester hour. Don’t want to make a huge commitment to one of these military branches? Well, take heart, because even the Coast Guard will allow a stipend of up to $3,375 per fiscal year for your college pursuits.

Teaches You Many Technical Skills

Joining the service will give you quite the head start on someone who does not have that experience. First of all, being in the service ensures that you will learn many valuable skills that will help you in your college classes down the road. Aside from soft skills, you will also learn hard skills from working with a variety of complex and delicate technologies. This will prove to be incredibly similar to technical school training, which is especially helpful if you’re considering a tech-related career such as software development, I.T. management, or information security. For these reasons and more, military training can prepare you for many jobs, which can help you get a start on your career while going to college and possibly help you net a larger income.

Montgomery G.I. Bill

Yes, the Montgomery G.I. Bill still exists, and yes, it can be a huge asset to you if utilized right. The G.I. Bill is offered to recruits during basic training, and it usually involves them paying $100 per month during their basic training duties. After that, they will be able to qualify for a monthly stipend based on how long they have been on active duty. One example of this would be a situation where an individual has been on active duty for three years or more. In this case, they often would be able to qualify for a stipend of $1,500 or more.

9/11 G.I. Bill

The 9/11 G.I. is an updated version of the original G.I. Bill that exists for those who have spent at least 3 months of active duty after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. The service member will qualify for up to 100% tuition reimbursement in some cases. Generally, the ones who do the best under this new G.I. Bill are those with an honorable discharge who have served at least three years as a G.I.

Student Loan Repayment

Of course, all this begs the question: what if you already have student loans and you decide to enlist? Fortunately, there are programs in each branch of service that allow for student loan repayment. Just contact your recruiter for more details.

So yes, there are plenty of college benefits for joining the military! Americans realize that it is a huge sacrifice to serve our country. That is why they try to allow for as many benefits as possible to help you on your life’s journey even after you leave the service.
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