The topic of guns has increasingly become controversial and politically charged. However, with new advances in technology, guns are actually becoming safer to use and keep, which may help allay concerns and fear. Here is a look at several intriguing new gun technologies.

Smarter Guns

In today’s technologically driven world, it seems we have “smart” everything, so why not smart guns? The answer is that we likely will soon. One of the biggest issues around guns is that of stolen weapons or unauthorized use. Now, it may soon be possible for an owner to use a fingerprint scanner on the gun itself to prevent such unauthorized use. And because it works quickly, it will not be a hindrance that should need to arise to use the gun rapidly. Similarly, some guns can be tuned to an RFID sensor worn by the owner, often in a ring, watch or similar. When the gun and sensor are too far away from each other, the gun will not fire.

Gun Safes

However, biometrics are not just for guns. If you’re one of the 17.25 million concealed carry holders you’ll want a safe that fits your weapon specifically. While you can certainly invest in more traditional gun safes, new technology can incorporate biometrics and slimmer, smaller, sleeker designs to make a gun safe more portable and user-friendly while still remaining safe and secure. The Gunbox, for instance, was developed to secure handguns and give owners the choice of finger scans, RFID chips or Bluetooth to keep the ability to quickly access. The GunVault company is also developing a laptop-sized “safe” that attaches to the functional pieces of an AR-15 style weapon, with biometric locks.

Safe Access Ammunition

One of the issues with biometric technology is that it often requires the purchase of a wholly separate weapon. What if that was not a requirement, and that almost any gun could be modified to use similar safety tech? The advent of Safe Access Ammunition (SAAMO) is a developing method to accomplish just that. With the stated aim of reducing accidental gun deaths, especially among children, it works by replacing the standard gun grip with a special SAAMO grip in conjunction with special ammunition. The grip uses sensors to identify the owner’s unique grip sequence and will only release the bullets to fire if that grip sequence is detected. This requires no RFID or biometrics but functions similarly. The big benefit is that the SAAMO system can potentially be much cheaper, requiring only some modification instead of a whole new weapon.

Technology has done wonders to make many of our most useful items safer to use. As we plow ever onward into the future, there is no reason guns cannot also benefit from technology. By thinking outside the box and being willing to adapt technology to serve safety, guns can become a safer and more secure tool for those who need or enjoy them.

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