As technology continues to advance, public safety officials are finding innovative ways to apply these developments to assist in the protection of society. New equipment for vehicles is a major component of these innovations, and police officers often find themselves needing to utilize technology to aid in their efforts. Below, you’ll find several examples of how law enforcement officers apply modern technology to do their job.

GPS Establishes Timeline

When a thief steals a later model car, GPS can be utilized in amazing ways to assist the police in establishing the location of the vehicle and creating a timeline. Active vehicle recovery systems will have a timestamp associated with a location. Some of these systems even allow for remote disablement of the vehicle. Officers also have an option to track those involved in a high-speed pursuit. One of the latest developments is StarChase. This is a pressurized-air cannon that is mounted on the front of a police car. It shoots an adhesive-covered GPS chip onto the other person’s vehicle. Consequently, even if the police lose visual contact, the criminal will find it hard to escape.

Dash Cams Are Solving Crimes

Many of the common causes of car accidents are hard to prove without evidence. With a dash cam, a dashboard-mounted camera located at the front of a car, the evidence is readily available. These cameras are popular in modern cars because there is a realization that evidence may be needed to support an insurance claim in the event of an accident. For officers who may need to press charges during certain accidents, this gives them a clear avenue to finding evidence. Utilizing this evidence allows them to place their focus on matters of greater importance. These cameras are usually on all the time, so other crimes can be tracked as well.

License Plate Recognition

Another modern technology used to make an officer’s job easier is tracking based on the license plate of a vehicle. A system known as automated license plate recognition is utilized to track everything from expired registrations to stolen vehicles and even violent criminals. ALPR utilizes information from numerous databases. This can also be a subtle method of taking down unsuspecting criminals.

As modern technology continues to be pushed forward, police departments can employ it to improve their methods and strategies. Recent developments include GPS, Dashboard Cameras and License Plate Recognition systems. By utilizing these technologies, police officers can perform their functions with greater effectiveness. That keeps all of us safer.