Hearing aid technology and our understanding of the sources of hearing loss continue to expand year by year. In addition to longer-lasting batteries, smaller hearing aid construction, and the ability of hearing aids to monitor the physical condition of the wearer, hearing aids are truly becoming wellness tools.

Smarter Materials

New trends in hearing aid construction include modern batteries that run on fuel cell technology. Conventional battery construction includes rechargeable batteries that can be recharged in the ear instead of on the charger. Hearing aids have a rich history that has gotten more exciting in recent years. Our understanding of how hearing loss occurs, its connection to brain function and the power of detailed amplification means that hearing aids will become more usable and functional over time.


In addition to amplifying sounds coming into the ear canal, there are new hearing aid technologies that can help to monitor your overall wellness. These biometric sensors can track activity for those in good health who are working to stay that way. In addition, these sensors can help to monitor the well-being of those suffering from comorbidities such as diabetes and heart disease. The ability to monitor the well-being of a person with serious health challenges with a constant monitoring device can give medical support personnel a great advantage. If someone struggling with diabetes is headed into a serious glucose health event, the simple habit of wearing their hearing aid can alert a health professional that their client is in need of assistance. This may allow the professional to alert the sufferer or their authorized loved ones about the risk.

Get and Stay Connected

Additional advances in hearing aid technology include the ability to connect your hearing aid to smartphones, iPads and other devices to make it easier to move from face-to-face conversation into a phone call, video or television show. As wireless technology expands, the ability to connect hearing aids directly to these tools can actually give the hearing impaired a leg up on their hearing compatriots. No need for an earbud if your phone is paired to your hearing aid!

The ability to hear effectively improves critical life functions including communication and the ability to avoid danger. Additionally, the joys of life, such as entertainment, are greatly simplified with the use of a quality hearing aid. Technological advances in these versatile tools offer a great improvement to every facet of life for the hearing impaired.