We have been living in one of, if not the most impressive ages of technological advancement in human history. This wave of incredible and rapid advancement brings us the world as we know it today and has prepared us for the near constant pace of progress. One industry that has been particularly heavily impacted by the growth of technology is the automotive industry. In fact, the change has been so drastic, the automotive industry and tech are forever linked. Here are a few different ways that technology is changing the automotive industry as we know it for the future.

Improve Safety

The first way that technology is changing the automotive industry is by improving vehicle safety for consumers. You have never been safer in a car during a car crash than you are in the newest vehicles which feature truly unreal safety features. Cars today are designed with airbags that are more effective and less dangerous to passengers, tires that offer more grip and safety, and even roll cages and crash buffers that are capable of absorbing tons of shock and energy to keep you safe should something bad happen. As tech advances, we may be able to rid the world of automotive casualties entirely.

More Smart Features

Another way that technology is changing the automotive industry as we speak is with the inclusion of more smart features. Only a handful of years ago a touchscreen display would have been considered luxurious in a new car. Today, it takes a whole lot more to be impressive. The car you drive is more technologically advanced than the Apollo 11 rocket. Bluetooth, internet connectivity, massive touch screen displays, holographic displays on the windshields and so many more smart features are standard in vehicles, raising the question of what we can expect to see next.

More Sustainable

The final way that technology is changing the automotive industry is by making driving more sustainable. The burning of fossil fuels has an unsavory impact on the global climate and environment. With advancement in technology, more hybrid and all-electric vehicles are hitting the markets, with better gas mileage than ever before. Hopefully we are closer than we think to the first carbon neutral vehicle.

Technology is advancing rapidly and making an impact in nearly every field. The automotive industry is just one of the areas getting the most impact. Lookout for these ways technology is changing the automotive industry and see where the automotive industry is headed next.

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