There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is evolving. As the awareness of this amazing product and its benefits grow, society is becoming more and more interested in it. Recent developments in law and technology have helped to bring out solutions to many skin conditions, pain, and mental afflictions.

DNA Sequencing

Cannabis is a very unique plant in its production of THC and CBD. Developments in DNA sequencing have allowed cannabis developers to learn more about what creates these different chemicals. This understanding has led to improvements in the way that the plants are grown. Previously, DNA sequencing was an extremely expensive process. Recent developments have made it possible for more research to be done at a larger scale than ever before.


There are already numerous ways in which CBD can be extracted from cannabis plants. These different methods have helped promote the many ways that CBD can be used. One of the earliest methods of CBD oil extraction is to use a hydrocarbon as a solvent. The hydrocarbon is then boiled away. This method was undesirable to do the highly flammable nature of the hydrocarbons and potential for harmful residue. Fortunately, recent developments have led to a carbon dioxide-based extraction. The carbon dioxide is subcooled to liquid form and then used to pull the CBD oil from the plant manner. The process is more complex, requiring specialized equipment, but it is highly efficient and safe.


With advances in e-commerce, CBD products are more available to the public than ever. Consumers can search for CBD companies on search engines, apps, and online marketplaces. Depending on the company chosen, a consumer can have their product in a matter of days. A few years ago, that would have been impossible. It would have taken weeks! Advances in AI technology can help CBD companies’ market more effectively to these individuals. Some key components to a successful e-commerce platform will be SEO and social media. SEO will make sure that the e-commerce site shows up on search engine results. Social media will be the prime spot to connect with a younger, more open-minded generation.

If you are a CBD company, make sure that you stay up to date on the innovations in your industry. This will help you to stand out from the competition. If you are a consumer, rest assured that exciting things are coming. CBD is constantly improving in quality and accessibility.

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