If you live in a climate that allows for a lot of outdoor living, or simply love the great outdoors, why not design your yard space accordingly? Many people do just that, but find they still don’t find the space as easy to live in as the indoors because of the increasing utility of technology. Bringing technology to the great outdoors can be a tricky business—but if done well, you can transform your yard into a high-tech outdoor space you’ll never want to leave!

LED Lights

A big reason people don’t enjoy outdoor living like they could is because when the sun sets there is no other light installed to live by! Your outdoor space can be used at any hour of the day, however, if you simply put in lights that will only further your enjoyment. LED lights are one of the best outdoor light options, mostly because they come in many colors, last longer, and are less likely to attract bugs than normal light bulbs that emit lots of heat. LED bulbs also do amazing things like emulate torch light, making them not only a good source of light but a great way to keep the outdoor feel in your design!

Smart Speakers

With the constant innovation of technology, worrying about the weather when it comes to speaker systems is a thing of the past. Smart outdoor speakers are completely weatherproof, won’t rust, and easily directed inwards so only your yard will enjoy the sound. Not to mention they often work with both Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant! Some interchangeable features depending on the type you get are battery versus cord plugin, USB ports, Bluetooth, and even built-in microphones. Consider what features will best improve your outdoor living, and then choose accordingly.


One of the biggest reasons people head on inside, even during a large party, is to watch the game or enjoy a movie. Being able to sit back and watch the show without losing the beauty of the outdoors goes a long way in making your outdoor space a place to live. There are great outdoor TV options to consider, as well as features you can take advantage of on tablet controls beyond just a device’s water resistance. ‘Rugged’ tablets and electronics are designed specifically to survive outdoor usage, so you don’t have to feel anxious about doing so!

Multi-Use Furniture

Furniture outdoors can be a tricky business if you don’t know what to look for. Making sure you pick a durable, weather-resistant kind of furniture can go a long way in improving your outdoor experience. In outdoor spaces, sunlight can damage wood furniture even though it is more water-proof than other options. Once you have found the right level of durability, multi-use furniture is also a great way to make the most of outdoor space. Having a seating area that can serve as a social gathering spot, a place to eat, a way to watch an outdoor film, or even a place to congregate around a portable fire pit. Whichever furniture you choose, make sure it can do many things at once and therefore make it easier to enjoy for longer periods of time.

Pool Features

For many people in the hotter climates, the outdoor experience must include a way to cool off! Pools are no longer just concrete holes filled with chlorine water—high-tech pool options are plenty and diverse, like pool automation systems that keep things running with the right pH and filtration. There are actually UV systems that destroy things like algae and bacteria in the water using ultraviolet light. Pool automation systems and voice activated controls seamlessly work to keep your pool running optimally. Not to mention lighting design or features like fountains that you can change with the click of a button. Really, pools are only going to grow more high-tech, so take advantage of these innovations!

Hot Tub Controls

Similar to pools, hot tubs are also seeing many high-tech advances that can increase your outdoor enjoyment even in the colder weather. Hot tubs are now made with a multilayer insulation system, which makes them a lot cheaper to get hot and stay hot when it’s cold outside. High-tech options also have much more powerful motors, an important feature if you like to jump into a hot tub and get a massage from the jets. Like pools, there are also awesome wireless controls to temperature, lighting, and Bluetooth connectivity, so adding this luxury to your outdoors will make it a year-round place to enjoy.

Smart Security System

With all this fun you’re going to have, you don’t want to worry about your outdoor high-tech items getting stolen in the middle of the night. When creating a beautiful high-tech space, make sure to include a good security system that is similarly smart and can warn you of intruders. Smart security systems have automatic temperature, motion, and entry sensors, and sometimes even include smoke and water detectors in their systems. Of course, a good security system will also include cameras you can install around your house and outdoor area so that you can feel safe at any time of day outdoors.


You’re doing all this to enjoy the outdoors—but what if they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing? An important feature for many outdoor areas to include is a sprinkler system, as many climates don’t provide enough rain in the summer to grow in the yard a lush, thick grass. Sprinklers have been innovated a lot the past few years as well, so look for smart sprinkler systems that have wifi and ethernet connectivity, have a soil moisture sensor, and can even be controlled by your phone!

Your experience in the outdoor parts of your property is heavily influenced by how you design such a space. Including high-tech items in your outdoor design is a huge step in making it both functional and fun for everyone who uses it. Consider these options as you design your outdoor living space!

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