Although technology has revolutionized medical care in a variety of positive ways, the increasingly digitized world of medical record-keeping may put you more at risk to having your personal information compromised. It is understandable to be concerned about protecting your medical privacy and personal information. Here are three ways that you can protect your medical records online.

Be Careful With Your Information

Before you willingly give out personal information, it is critical that you guard who will see it and what they can do with it. Being careful about who you share information with can help you to protect your privacy. In order to legally access your records, there are several medical documents someone must have. You should also be wary of certain phone apps that are used for health purposes. Although these fitness and healthy eating apps may be helpful to you, you need to understand that they are not subject to HIPAA regulations. This means that any health information that you share with them could potentially be resold to other vendors for business gain.

Monitor for Fraud

Your credit is not the only bit of personal information that you need to be intentional about monitoring. Just like you would keep tabs on all of your financial information, you need to do the same with your medical data. Being purposeful about regularly monitoring your medical information will help you to more quickly figure out if somebody has committed fraud using your personal health information. In this vein, you should always read the details of your insurance bills carefully even if there is no money that is due.

Know Your Rights

When it comes to protecting your medical information, knowledge is power. You can best guard your privacy by understanding all of your rights. Aside from federal HIPAA rights, you need to understand the policies of your individual practitioners. Be sure to closely look at any forms that you fill out at your physician’s office so that you clearly understand the protections that are in place. You should also not feel shy about asking your medical provider what they are going to do with your personal information.

In today’s digital world, you are not being too paranoid by being concerned about your medical privacy. Knowing your rights and taking the necessary steps to protect your data can save you massive headaches down the road.

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