Your home should be a haven for you and your family. It’s the place you want to feel safe and secure, so you can relax from the outside world in your own little enclave. But there are always ways to make your home more secure. Having a secure home is key to having peace of mind in your home, and modern technology offers brand new ways to keep your home safe. Here are a few ways to use technology to keep your home secure.

Smart Doorbells

These are everywhere nowadays, and for good reason. A smart doorbell is a great investment to keep your home safe. Smart doorbells offer you the opportunity to monitor who is at your door at any time, as well as keep an eye out on your patio and front door with a video subscription service. Now you can know who is at your door without having to open it, allowing you to rest easy knowing you have the final say over who has access to your home. It also deters people who might otherwise steal packages left on your front step. And, you can even shut off your doorbell, or speak to guests out on your patio, without even having to unlock your door.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are wonderful because they allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world on your smartphone. Not to mention, smart locks are very secure and strong, and can prevent unwanted visitors from even trying your door handle to see if it opens. There is great security in knowing that your door is locked and you can monitor it wherever you are. And, it’ll leave you so you’re never fumbling for your keys in the dark again, as you can unlock your door with a code or your smartphone just like that.

Security Cameras

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your home security is to invest in a security camera system to protect your home. With security cameras, you can be sure that if anything happens on your property, you will have it on camera, making it all the easier to catch the culprit in the end. But just having security cameras on your property is a major deterrent for most would-be criminals. If they can see your security camera setup, they will likely choose a house that has less visible security deterrents as their target, leaving your home safe and secure.

Motion Sensors

Some areas of your home, like your deck or patio, have to be protected through other means than a door lock, since they are located outside. Many homeowners have nice cooking equipment on their deck which should be protected. Having a motion sensor that will set off an alarm, or even just bright security lights can be a major deterrent for thieves and other trespassers to stay off your property. Just the threat of being seen is enough to stop most would-be trespassers, and motion sensors are relatively easy to install and require limited upkeep. Consider motion sensors for your lawn, patio, or deck.

Get a Fence

It may sound awfully old school, but having a fence around your yard can keep your home quite secure. There are a lot of fencing options out there for you, but in the interest of security it is best to consider one that has a relatively high fence level, and surrounds your whole yard for optimal protection. Hedges could be another viable option for the same level of security as a nice fence. You could also opt for a very tall stone or wooden fence that allows no street level visibility for your yard and would offer you the most security, if you’re willing to cut off street access to your yard.

Electronic Doggie Door

Doggie doors are great for your dog, but not so great if you are trying to minimize entrances and exits to your home that are unmonitored. A traditional doggie door flap leaves your home vulnerable, allowing access for hands or other instruments that can be used to open the locks on your door from the inside and grant access to your home. But using an electric doggie door might be a good solution, which allows the door to open and close and lock shut, all at the command of your dog.

Smart Home Lights

Setting up smart home access to your lights is a must do when you are out of town or travelling. Having smart lights hooked up in your house will allow you to turn lights on and off in your home and give the impression that it is still inhabited. This will deter people from entering your home while you are out, making them believe that you are still home. And, using a smart light system, you can turn on the lights in different parts of your home on different nights, rather than just leaving on one light while you are away that never changes .

Security System

A classic, but for good reason, the last item to keep your home safe and secure is a traditional security system.You can access many security systems from your smartphone thanks to advancements in technology. Security systems will alert you and the authorities if your home is broken into or breached, whether you are home or not. Many security systems are also equipped with alarms to alert your neighbors, and scare off any intruders that have entered your home. With a security system you can be sure that your home is nice and safe from any intruder, and that the authorities are alerted as quickly as possible.

Keeping a safe and secure home can look very different to different people. But with the latest advancements in technology, there are plenty of exciting new ways to keep your home secure. Follow these pieces of advice, and you will be rewarded with peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are nice and safe in your home, both while you are home and away. Give a few of these a try to increase your security!

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