Cell phones have quickly moved from a convenience to a must-have item, and many homes no longer have a landline phone. To keep up with your job, you may need the newest phone on the market. However, for many functions, an older phone will work. Here are some things you should consider before you take the plunge and buy the latest cell phone model.

Do You Really Need a New Phone?

If you use your phone for your job, then the latest and greatest model may be a good investment. After all, you make money with your phone, so it’s a tool and the best work is often done with great tools. If you really do need a new phone, you can keep your old phone for games, music, and audiobooks. You can also donate it to the charity of your choice and even use the deduction on your taxes. Phones for work are necessary, but if you need a new phone for games or status, be aware that you may spend a lot of money unnecessarily.

A Lot of It Is Marketing

New phones generate a lot of hype and may lead to long lines. However, the latest and greatest new phone may not actually provide what they promise. You may have to wait for updates and downloads to get the newest features that were marketed to you before you bought your new phone. The functionality may actually not be all that different. In fact, your old phone may become a profitable venture for the company that just sold you the newest phone available. There are companies out there making a profit out of buying old iPhones. If your job doesn’t demand that you have the most up to date version, you may get a better deal on a refurbished phone.

Getting a Refurbished Phone

A refurbished phone is one that has been repaired and tested for functionality and battery life. There are often significant savings to be had when buying a refurbished phone. Many of these also come with a warranty if you purchase the phone from the company or from a mobile specialist.

Smartphones offer users many benefits. You can search the web, build a side hustle and entertain yourself all on one small device. However, these useful tools can also serve as status symbols and you can break the bank while trying to impress the people around you. The newest model may not offer you much more than what you already have, so spend with care.

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