The Expert Insists!

Dr. Cameron Clokie, a Canadian Oral Surgeon, is an expert on everything dental. The man is well-known as an advocate of regenerative medicine as a scientist.  He is also an entrepreneur and CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. The man has an incredible reputation amongst his patients for his polished expertise in the field. He has published several papers and presented several studies about his research.

One of the issues Dr. Clokie addressed several times is the importance of oral hygiene even when you are on trips or vacation. Being out having fun times, traveling, and touring doesn’t mean dental problems are on vacation too. He states that keeping dental hygiene at the same level as you would at the comfort of your home is very important. There are numerous reasons to do so, according to Dr. Clokie.

Dr. Clokie

What You Need to Do!

Here is what Dr. Clokie says you can do to help keep your dental hygiene in tip-top shape and avoid dental mishaps and problems.

1. Pack Up Those Essentials

You read it right – a pair of brushes, toothpaste tubes, and maybe even a pocket version that may come in handy sometimes. Long flights and bus rides won’t let you get in your baggage over and over to get those supplies, so best stay prepared. Also, keep a source of freshwater, such as a water bottle, to get the job done. Ensure to do so, especially when traveling far from your hotel or urban territories, such as hiking or trekking.

2. Dry Out Those Brushes

Yes, a dry brush is a good brush. When kept wet, Dr. Clokie says that a brush is more prone to housing many harmful bacteria. Therefore, it’s necessary to clean out your brush and dry it before storage. He suggests using a dryer, if possible, to completely dry off brushes and any other equipment that could prove to be bacteria havens. He gives his word on avoiding all potential sources of getting yourself in contact with bacteria. The reason is that such a scenario could prove to be terrible and catastrophic on vacation.

3. Stock Up on Portable Products

Dental hygiene is not all about toothbrushes and toothpaste. Several other things, such as mouthwashes, dental floss, and toothpicks, can assist you in several situations. Dr. Cameron Clokie states that packing up such items is necessary to get that perfect dental care routine going. In addition, it is highly effective when you’re somewhere remote such as at a beach.

4. Put Plan B in Play If Things Get Desperate

One should always be prepared for unprecedented circumstances when going out to travel. For example, in the event of losing pre-packed dental supplies, one should be aware of points at or near their destination to restock them, such as grocery stores or pharmacies.

5. Pack Some Treats for Your Teeth

Dr. Clokie debunks the myth that all chewing gum is bad for your teeth. He clarifies that chewing gum with high sugar content can prove to cause adverse effects on your dental health. However, any gum classifying as sugar-free or using xylitol as a sweetener, along with any sugar-free candies, is suitable for your teeth. In addition, chewing gum will help stimulate saliva flow and cleanse your denture. Similarly, green tea will also serve to provide benefits.

6. Use Drinking Water

Mr. Cameron Clokie advises that in several nations of the world, the conditions of healthcare and sanitation are not on par with international standards. Thus, making use of their local tap water can prove to be a risk. Instead, Dr. Clokie advises that you should keep your portable source of drinking water and use it for your dental needs.

7. Sharp Eyes on What You Eat

Like water, food is not dealt with and made with care towards cleanliness and other factors in some parts of the world. Therefore, it is best to observe the outlet you’re getting food from and getaway at the first sign of a red flag. It ensures you do not eat at a place that can get your mouth potentially infected with bacteria.

Final Words

Thanks to these pointers by Dr. Clokie, you can easily keep your dental health at balance with how you keep it at home, and perhaps even better. We hope you learned a few tricks for your trip from this read. Then, feel free to share and keep those teeth shining!

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