The world of Apple continues to astonish with bold technological creations that innovate communication, information, and entertainment. The MacBook Pro’s introduction in January of 2006 was the very first generation of the Apple products designed for the long term of usage, hence sporting a quite costly price tag. With the emerging of the New Year over the horizon, the only disadvantage the Macintosh powered device holds is the shortage of battery life. Most people in the possession of old models dating from the years between 2012 and 2016 are challenged with the inability for the MacBook to continue to hold charge after hours connected to a power adapter. What if there was a way to replace the battery without spending over a thousand dollars to replace the laptop? Well, you can.

removing old battery

  1. To begin, you must identify what year your model was built. Batteries for previous generation models could vary in size, positioning, procedure, etc. For instance, when removing the bottom casing of a MacBook Pro, in the early 2015 models, there is an additional cable running through the trackpad that does not exist in the 2013 and previous models. This could affect how the battery is replaced as well as the size to scale.
  2. Correspondingly, the next step is to obtain a new battery fitting of your MacBook Pro model. The prices vary dependent on the year the device was built. In this case, a standard battery for a 2009 MacBook Pro 15” more often than not will cost on average between $129-$135 as opposed to a 2012 battery for a device of the same width, which would range between $159-$165. It is highly recommended that you utilize the website Here, you are serviced with whichever battery you require $60-$70 less than the retail price. Amazon is also a candidate for the most inexpensive, however, the quality is not always a guarantee. If you’re not deterred by paying the standard retail price, you can just go to the Apple Inc. website and order one.
  3. Lastly, you should determine whether you would rather replace the battery yourself, or take it to a retailer that replaces it for you. If you have access to tools at home, simply Google or YouTube the steps, and you will have a comprehensive guide as to what tools you need and how to conduct the replacement. Taking the device to a retailer may prove to be inconsistent, as some will charge $30 and others almost $100. However, many would rather a retailer as to prevent the risk of further damaging their device.

repaired laptop

In the final analysis, a brand new MacBook Pro would amount to the sum of $600-$2,000 depending on the year the device was produced. The most you’ll pay in replacing the battery on your own is just a little over $200, which anyone would agree, is nothing less than a fantastic deal.