A Significant and Noticeable Upgrade You Won’t Regret

In the technology world, the benefits of a Solid State Drive (SSDs) over standardized hard drives have been put forward, and rightly so. Since SSDs have no small moving pieces, they are able to access data almost instantly. Moreover, they are considerably more reliable and durable. The hard drives were born in the 1950s and their operating principle has remained almost unchanged since then. In distinction, SSDs were commercialized in the 2000s and offer state-of-the-art technology compatible with current and future systems. Here are some benefits you will get from a SSD.

Excellent reliability

The constant movement inherent in miniature moving parts of the hard drive generates heat, one of the main factors contributing to the malfunction of hard drives. In a laptop, hard drive is actually among the most likely components to break down. Since an SSD is not composed of any moving parts, well-known operating difficulties such as heat and noise dissipation are significantly reduced; it is, therefore, a very robust and reliable alternative to the mechanical hard disk. In addition, MTBF (Mean amount of Time Between Failures) is 600,000 hours for a hard drive versus 1,200,000 hours for an SSD. SSDs are also characterized by a very high tolerance to shocks and vibrations. Their operating temperature ranges equal to or exceeds those of conventional hard
drives. Conclusion: your data (photos, videos, data and more) are much safer on a SSD than on a regular hard drive.

Immediate loading

SSDs arent slowed down by waiting times caused by accelerations, searches or rotations due to the absence of moving mechanical parts. This amounts to shorter start times, near instantaneous loading, and higher overall system responsiveness. When connected via a 6 Gb / s SATA bus. broadband, Crucial SSDs can achieve data access speeds of 6 Gb / s.

Increased energy efficiency

Because SSDs do not have moving parts, they need less energy to run. As a result, they can extend the battery life of laptops and mobile electronics.


an SSD weighs much less than hard drives; it is, therefore, easier to transport your system.

Silent acoustic level

Without a rotating part, SSDs are almost silent, more like a USB flash device rather than a normal HDD that emits a constant buzzing sound.

Below are some of the more reliable and very affordable choices when it comes to SSDs in terms of price V.s. performance. Most can be found online at Amazon or your local Best Buy or popular electronics store that sells PCs

A Samsung Series 850 EVO – 250 Gb can be had for a little less than

A Crucial MX500 – 500 Gb will run you about

The Crucial MX500 – 250 Gb should be around

The Samsung Series 960 EVO M.2 PCIe NVMe – 250 Gb
Should be less than $120

A PNY CS900 – 240Gb is less than