Since the start of YouTube back in 2005, people have used it as their go-to for uploading videos of all sorts. From beauty tutorials to play-throughs of popular games, Youtube has become a desired career path for many people. If you are looking to start creating YouTube videos and don’t know what camera to start with, look no further than this list.

Phone Camera

Camera phones are good for starting a vlog

To kick off this list, let’s look into the camera that you already have sitting in your pocket, your smartphone. That’s right, these handy little devices are not only great for updating social media on the go and calling your loved ones but can also be used as a decent vlogging camera. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series all include decent cameras that are great for capturing footage on the go. For example, the iPhone 8 supports a f/1.8 aperture which allows you to capture footage in low-light situations. Plus, using your smartphone as a camera gives you the chance to try out if you even like creating videos without committing to even having to buy a camera. Many of the pro vloggers on youtube such as Casey Neistat, Shane Dawson, and Julien Solomita even admit to using their phones in their vlogs due to their convenience despite owning thousands of dollars worth of cameras.

While the quality of footage you will be able to take with your smartphone will vary from phone to phone, most recent models have similar features and quality levels.


While GoPros are often times seen to be targeted towards the most active of vloggers who film crazy stunts and daily adventures, a GoPro may still be suited for other kinds vloggers. With its small size, extreme durability, and a wide range of features, a GoPro may be the perfect option for just about any kind of YouTuber. Surely the camera is designed to be used for action shots of people surfboarding, skiing, hiking, etc. but the camera also provides great quality for those who may want to do indoor comedy sketches or even storytime videos. Notable GoPro users include Funforlouis, Sam Kolder, and Andrew T. Kearns.

The most popular GoPro camera to use is the GoPro Hero 4. This camera is lightweight and compact making it the easiest to travel with and offers features like the ability to take stunning 4K video. This GoPro is also able to capture slow motion video, allowing users to get cinematic shots at the press of a button.


Canon DSLR vlogging setup

When most people imagine buying a camera for filming videos to upload to YouTube they envision ring lights, huge soft-boxes, studio backdrops, and of course a DSLR camera. These cameras are most popular for vloggers who want to sit down in a designated space and film a video of them just talking. Purchasing a DSLR camera is going to be the most damaging on your wallet, however, these cameras can create extremely beautiful videos. With YouTubers such as Safiya Nygaard, NikkieTutorials, and Jenna Marbles using pro DSLR cameras, its no wonder why they are so popular.

When picking a DSLR camera it is important to note that not all cameras are the same. The most popular DSLR cameras to use to film videos for Youtube are the Canon T6i, Canon 70D, or the Canon 5D Mark III due to their powerful image quality.