7 Best Headphones to Use with Your Laptop

AILIHEN MS300 Headphones ($21.98)

Alhien MS300 in blue

The Ailihen MS300 are wired headphones that are great for laptop listening. The design of these headphones is quite simple with soft-cushioned ear cups. The Ailihen MS300 come in a range of colors to fit your desired style. Colors range from blue, green, purple, orchid, and rose gold. The headphones have a heightened bass feature and utilize an adjustable headband.

AILIHEN I35 Stereo Headphones ($12.99)

Ailhen I35 in orange

This pair of headphones features an onboard microphone to use for video chatting and other calls made over your laptop or cellular device. The ear cups of the Ailihen I35 headphones are made of protein genuine leather. These headphones are light weight and foldable for easy carrying. The Ailihen I35 headphones are great for immersive listening with sound isolation properties.

Vive Comb Headphones ($13.99)
Vive Comb foldable Headphones in Black

The Vive Comb headphones are foldable on-ear headphones that are great to use with a laptop or tablet. The sound quality has well-balanced lows, mids, and highs for a crisp listening experience. This wired pair of headphones is lightweight with a soft and adjustable cushion to headband combination.

DLand Gaming Headphones ($15.99)

This headset is equipped with a high condenser microphone that is omnidirectional. They are comfortable to wear with ear cups made of memory foam and a leather like material. These headphones are wired to plug into laptops and other supporting devices.

Picun Wired Headphones ($18.99)
Picun wired headphones with built in mic

This pair of headphones is constructed with 40mm drivers to aid in the production of rich bass and an overall positive HD sounding experience. The Picun headphones have noise isolating properties and an onboard microphone for taking video and voice calls. These are lightweight to support wearing over long periods of time.

ToHayie Stereo Headphones ($20.99)
ToHayie Stereo Headphones

The ToHayie are wired headphones that fit completely over the ear. These laptop headphones come with volume control and an onboard microphone. They are made with 40mm loud stereo speaker drivers. The ear cups are made of memory-protein cushions for added comfort. The comfortable cushions are coupled with a padded headband to aid in finding the perfect fit for your head.

Honstek A5 Headphones ($19.99)
Honstek A5 Headphones

The Honstek A5 stereo headphones come equipped with volume control and an onboard microphone. The audio quality is clean to the ear. These headphones offer sound isolation to further present a clear sound when listening. The Honstek A5 headphones are suitable for laptops and other supports devices.