Thomas Freedman receives credit for creating the term “Green New Deal,” and in the last 12 years, a lot has changed. While the United States, under Barack Obama, initially supported government funding for green energy, even before he left office, much of that support was beginning to wane. You can still, however, find areas where you can invest in green energy and save money on your taxes or in other areas of your life. A similar storyline played out in England where tax scholar Richard Murphy put forward a green energy agenda. Still, when the Tories came into office, support for his plan began to wane. Keeping up with the green energy scene can be a full-time job but consider this a brief overview.

Wind Energy

One of the most significant changes recently in wind energy is the installation of wind towers of different heights with different size blades. This allows wind farms to capture as much wind energy in as small a space as possible. Another significant development is the installation of data-reactive wind turbines to curtail the loss of wildlife that has been killed flying into the forceful wind turbine blades. By being able to receive real-time data, wind turbines can be stopped when there is a threat to wildlife. Furthermore, more wind energy farms are being developed in the ocean. Norway is one of the leaders in this movement to construct floating wind farms. Since Norway already gets most of its energy from water, this move may pave the way for international trade of wind energy.

Solar Power

According to Engipartners, the Tesla lithium ion batteries are the latest in solar power storage. Demands are causing this technology to surge forward at rapid rates. The issue with lithium ion batteries is that energy can be produced in milliseconds, but it can only be currently stored for four hours. Two recent developments hope to make these batteries more energy efficient. A research team out of Australia has identified over 3,000 sites across the world where hydro energy can be used to fuel the solar-powered batteries when energy from the sun is not available. Then, a reliable grid can be built. The second project, developed by Energy Vault, allows for the storage of solar power in a large tower made of concrete bricks. Their current proposal calls for the construction of a 35-story tower to store solar energy.

Water Energy

Deep-sea turbine farms are an exciting possibility that may hold a lot of promise in the future. These large farms, similar to large wind farms, harvest energy from fast-moving tides and send it to the energy grid. Much of the development of these farms is taking place where the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea meet.

Alternative energy has been introduced in the last two decades and has slowly become more common. The goal to eliminate the dependency of power plants. Wind, solar and water power energy is on the rise and will eventually cut into the scope of energy used by electrical power plants.