The laptop charger plugs into outlets and keeps the PC operating. Like a silent partner, the charger is ignored until there are problems keeping the device operative. Assuming your laptop has a good charger is easy when the computer is newly purchased.

However, time and handling wear charger wires charger down. When this power source becomes damaged, it is necessary to replace the charger for proper operation. Power elements suited for your computer choices are listed in most replacement adapter descriptions.

Things You Need to Know Before Replacing a Charger:

  • Power requirement
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Model number

Computer Store:

Every brand has a voltage size, model number, and power requirement for its computers. There are chargers compatible with many brands other than the regular factory types. However, when financially possible, stick with the original. Avoid the danger of burning out the computer. This may not happen, nevertheless the possibility is there.

Begin with the model number listed on the back of your charger. The sticker located on the back of the charger will have numbers showing the charger voltage. Carefully look at the numbers on the adapter to get the correct fit.

You want the voltage, and the adapter’s fit, to match. Yet, sometimes this does not work out. With unofficial adapters, it is sometimes necessary to use a port attachment.

Computer stores specialize in laptop chargers for the brands they carry in their stores. As a service to customers, they will palace a charger on order. These chargers may fit better than generic brands or universal chargers because they are specifically designed for the device.

Generic brands are less reliable, since, they are not designed for any particular device. They may fit loosely or fail to connect properly.

These chargers may also cause the computer to fail. You want to keep your device operating properly and in its original condition. The best way to achieve this is to use the charger designed for the device.

Office Supply Stores:

These stores also carry laptop chargers ready to fit. Staples, Office Depot, and other carriers are filled with items to help computer shoppers. They also have online resources for chargers.

Online Stores:

Join the thousands shopping at Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart for easy online shopping. These devices may fit multiple computers. Some chargers have versatile endpoints designed to fit a variety of computers. These are snapped on to fit.

Fortunately, there are signs a charger is failing. They do not fit into the computer portal as tightly. The cord becomes frayed. The charger block may show a lack of consistency or there is no response when plugged into an outlet. With care, most chargers will last if not abused. Yet, if you need a computer charger, there are options.