It is Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale and there is plenty of merchandise to go around promoting this revolutionary game! From shirts to hoodies and sweatshirts to stickers- even skins for your console or laptop, the creators of Fortnite are making a lot of money in royalties. Some of my personal favorite Fortnite shirts have the following captions:

Straight Outta Tilted Towers $26.97

I am a bush… really! $26.36

Be The Last Man Standing $27.78

Single? Taken? Too busy playing FORTNITE! $30.94

Keep Calm And Play Fortnite $19.50

Saturdays Are For #1 Victory Royale $19.50

Bush Life $29.50

Got Slurp? $22.75

There are tons of amazing shirts to get your hands on and these are just a hand full of them!

As many Fortnite shirts as there are, there are even more Fortnite stickers! You can put these stickers anywhere from a sticker book to a wall to your car to your laptop case or even your remote controller. There doesn’t yet exist a custom Fortnite controller so you can really pimp out your remote with some stickers. Some of my favorite stickers are listed below:

#1 Victory Royale Sticker $2.88

Fortnite Llama Sticker $2.88

V Bucks Sticker $2.88

Silhouette of Fortnite avatar dabbing sticker $3.36

Fortnite Bus Sticker $2.88

Chug Jug Brewing Company Sticker (My number one favorite) $3.60

A sticker with the words TRUST ISSUES on a bush $2.88

Fortnite Map sticker $3.12

“Yes I Land At Tilted Towers” Sticker $3.36

And many of the captions we saw in the shirts have their own stickers!

You can find all of these stickers and many more at the following link! Of course, these are way more affordable than the shirts that cost up to $30+!

Another really cool thing you can do is put a Fortnite skin on your laptop or video game console like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. With the new powerful internal fan technology of these devices, you don’t need to worry about the laptop or console overheating due to the skin. These skins are very porous, thin, and breathable for your device. Some of the coolest skins include:

The word “FORTNITE” in black $25.00

Fortnite Horde Bash Logo $25.00

The letter F for Fortnite $27.08

Fortnite Is Love, Fortnite Is Life $37.92

A meme of the clown from IT luring children into the sewer offering them a SCAR gun $37.92

The Fortnite Logo With The Silhouette Of The City Behind It $25.00

You can either get a case with these images on it or you can get the actual skin or sleeve. The cases cost a bit less than the sleeves.

Now that you know about all the coolest Fortnite merchandise, it’s time to represent the coolest game of 2018 and EAT. SLEEP. FORTNITE. REPEAT.