Just about everyone carries a cell phone on them. So when shopping for a gift that anyone will appreciate, mobile accessories are one great way to go. Whatever the occasion may be, here are a few mobile accessories anyone will love.

Charging Bank

We tend to use our phones for everything nowadays. While it’s handy to be able to do so much all on one device, it does lead to plenty of dead batteries. This makes charging banks a great gift, as these allow charging anywhere rather than having to find an open wall outlet.

Charging banks are perfect for those who are always out and about using their phones. With that being said, not all charging banks are equal. Other than the brand name, charging banks differ on capacity and weight. Charging banks with high mAh (milliamp hours) have a higher capacity to charge your phone. These are generally larger and heavier but have enough power to charge the majority of smartphones more than once before needing a recharge themselves. If you want to cut down on weight, there are plenty of lighter charging banks out there. They’ll most likely have a lower mAh rating, but for most people, they will still provide plenty of power on the go. For example, a 5,000 mAh charging bank should be enough to charge most smartphones at least once and have a little juice left over.

While most charging banks come with a variety of interchangeable cables, some charging banks exclusively work with either iPhone or Android phones with the right connector. Make sure you know what type of phone the person you’re buying a charging bank for has beforehand to be on the safe side.

Camera Lens Kit

At this point, smartphone cameras have evolved to the point where anyone can be a photographer. Even with phone cameras taking better pictures than ever, having a camera lens kit allows for even higher quality pictures. Consider gifting a camera lens for those into photography so that they can take their photos to the next level.

Phone camera lens kits make a great gift, as they allow you to do more with your pictures. Even if the person you’re giving it to isn’t very into photography, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the bump in quality they’ll receive by using the lenses.

Phone camera lenses have come a long way. From basic lenses that improve the zoom to more advanced lenses with sensors and image stabilization, there are a variety of phone camera lenses for a variety of situations. What was once relegated to expensive DSLR cameras is now available in a cheaper, more portable way for anyone with a modern smartphone.

Again, make sure to check the phone model of your gift recipient first. A lot of these are geared towards very popular, high-end phones such as iPhones or the Samsung Galaxy line of Android phones. There are universal camera lenses, but these can be finicky at times, depending on the phone model.

Custom Cell Phone Case

If you want to get personal with your gift, you should look into designing a custom mobile phone case. Not only will the cell phone case protect the phone, but the recipient of the case will appreciate the time you took to customize it.

There are plenty of websites that allow you to make custom phone cases from both name brands and independent companies alike. Major brands are known to carry custom cases that fit the most popular brands but may not carry compatible models for lesser-known phones. This is where smaller companies are known to thrive, as there is a better chance you’ll find a custom case for that phone.

When people think of custom phone cases they generally think of just the image that appears on the back. While this is true, the majority of case makers offer more options than just pasting a photo from your camera roll onto a case. Some allow you to choose the type of case, the materials, and much more. So make sure to look around and see which customizations are important to you.

While it is nice to design and gift a custom phone case, remember that the main purpose of a phone case is to protect the phone. Make sure the mobile phone case is made out of good, sturdy materials that don’t break easily. If the price of the case is very cheap, it probably isn’t made of high-quality materials. Take the time to figure out an appropriate and thoughtful gift. It will not only protect the phone but provide a personalized memory for years to come.

Wireless Headphones

With many modern phones lacking a headphone jack, everyone should have a pair of wireless headphones. If you know someone who hasn’t made the transition or just needs a new pair, then gifting them with wireless earbuds is an easy choice.

Anyone will appreciate a new pair of headphones. But gifting a pair can be tricky, as there are many different types: Over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, noise-canceling headphones, earbuds, and so on. Many different types of headphones are designed for different situations and lifestyles.

The lifestyle of the person you’re planning on gifting these to is a good guide to determine what type of headphones you should buy. If they live a very active lifestyle, then look into buying some running headphones or earbuds. If you’re gifting the headphones to someone who travels a lot, consider gifting them some noise-canceling phones to block out the noise when they’re flying. For those who take style very seriously, over-ear headphones are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Other things need to be taken into consideration as well, such as sound quality and battery life. For example, earbuds generally have a smaller battery life due to their size. With that being said, many earbuds are packaged with charging cases you can take on the go to recharge them quickly. Larger headphones have larger batteries and better sound quality, but not everyone wants to deal with larger headphones.

As mobile phones continue to play a large part of our lives, the phone itself can only do so much. Having the right phone accessories can really enhance the experience, whether it be listening to music or taking pictures. Gifting your loved ones with the right accessories can Whichever mobile accessory you decide to buy, just know that they’ll be thankful.